1940's & WWII

Hire costumes, prices range from £10 - £50


1940s Gents Suit & Trilby

French Policeman (Allo Allo)

Hevr Flick (Allo Allo)

Resistance Leader (Allo Allo - I will say zis vunce)

Rene (Allo Allo)

WWII German Wehrmacht Major

German Luftwaife (Airforce) Major

WWII German Soldier

WWII ATS Officer

WWII ATS Sergant

WWII RNW Officer 

US AAF Nurse

1940s Swing Pants Outfit

1940s Ladies Suits (various - can come with hats, gloves and fur)

1940s Ladies Dresses (various - can come with hats, gloves and fur)

1940s Pinny & Turban

1940s Cocktail Dresses

US Navy / Top Gun Uniform

Original US Navy / Top Gun Uniform

Land Army (Ladies)

1940s Factory Worker

1940s Nurse


1940s ARP / Civil Defence

Flying Jacket

WWII RAF Flight Sergent

WWII R.N.V.R Lt Commander

WWII RAF Flight Lieutenant

WWII RAF Sergent

WWII Royal Engineers Captain

WWII Royal Engineers

WWII Royal Army Medical Corp Officer

WWII Royal Artillary Major

WWII American Pilot (various)

WWII American Officer

101st Airborne Class 'A' Uniform

WWII British Paratrooper

Combat Uniform

US Airborne Combat Uniform Paratrooper

WWII Pilot Officer

WWII Dads Army Captain Mainwaring

It aint 'alf' ot mum

US Marine Gunnery Sergent (full blues uniform)


If you want a costume that is not listed, please feel free to get in contact to discuss :) 






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